Manolo Blahnik

To celebrate the launch of Manolo Blahnik’s Virtual Archives, xydrobe presented 'The Craft', a multisensory experience exploring the fluid expressions of Manolo Blahnik’s design style combined with the artisanal craftsmanship of the Italian based shoe makers. ‘The Craft' was a virtual reality experience as thrilling as it was educational, physically propelling you through stunning eye level visuals, surround sound, scent and wind into unexplored locations and inspirations at the core of the brand. The viewer began at Manolo’s desk and from there, a series of portals take you on a journey through the factory floor and into a wonderful world of shoes like you have never seen them before. Within the space, guests could explore the craftsmanship behind the designs, through an exclusive physical exhibition display.

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Closing out 2023, xydrobe presented 'Pause', a one-of-a-kind physical and virtual immersive experience from aesthetics, skincare and anti-inflammatory pioneer, Dr. Barbara Sturm. Guests of Pause received a fifty minute immersion into complete calm through taste, touch and sight, as well as unique access to the 'xydrobe' pod experience, a journey guided by Dr. Sturm with human eye level visuals, immersive surround sound, scent and wind. To accompany this sanctuary of calm, the physical space was transformed into a garden oasis, submerging the customer in nature.

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